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Rural Heritage  
America's Western Heritage
Beaumont Ranch, Fort Worth, Texas: People Making A Difference, Yesterday & Today

A Navajo 's Heart to Help Her Native Peoples
Navajo Lola Yassie love and care for her people lead her, and husband, Harry, to travel more than six-decades reaching those desiring a spiritual walk with God. "I love to give to my people, I want to help my people," said the former sheep rancher in the first interview for publication. At 94-years young, Lola was picking peaches, climbing a ladder, and canning the harvest. 

Lola spoke of being acquainted with life's disappointments and discouraging times. One time as a young girl she lived on her parents' horse ranch, and was seriously injured after falling from a horse. After years of pan, Lola recalled an evangelist praying for her and her full recovery. "I could the tell my people God loves them and wants them to be well, healed!" 

Lola's contribution encouraging, motivating and embracing the diversity within her native culture is measureless. "We never counted the people," says Lola of her evangelistic efforts alongside her deceased husband, Frank Yassie, WWII Paratrooper and Ranger. The Navajo Nation, the largest Native American population in the United States encompassing Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico, holds nearly 300,000 inhabitants within 17.5 million acres. 

The Dineh, meaning Navajo, make their ancient home among the redstone mesas. For many years the Yassie's traveled in their station wagon, and later, a pick-up truck, within the four-state region of the Navajo Nation. "We wanted to share God's love with our people. We loaded our family and food, and made campfires. They would come. We would fix what we had for them to eat, sometimes bringing a few of our sheep. We never counted the people,but there were hundreds at a time. We did this for many years" For more of Lola's incredible life:
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​Denny Medley: 

America’s oldest church San Miguel stands in the same location where it was built in 1610-1626. The actual mission was founded earlier in 1598. Catholic padres erected the adobe edifice to serve the locals and those traveling though the region near Santa Fe. Native Indians constructed the Pueblo style mission that contains priceless wooden altar screens dating back to the 1700’s. Amazingly, the historic site remains intact after over 400 years. 

In 1934, the U.S. Department of Interior’s Historic American Builder Survey examined San Miguel (Saint Michael) cataloging its architecture and heritage. Among the rare characteristics detailed in the report was a bronze bell called the San Jose Bell reported to be cast centuries ago, however some experts believe it may have been made in the late 1800s. 

Santa Fe's St. Michael's High School, in conjunction with Cornerstones Community Partnerships began restoration of the sacred landmark in 2009. Celebrated for its place in America's agricultural-spiritual past, San Miguel is  featured in "Country Faith", available on our product page.
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Did you know?
*Santa Fe, New Mexico is the nation’s oldest capital 

Chisholm Fork Old West Town
Beaumont Ranch, Fort Worth, Texas

Beaumont Family Ranch's Chisholm Fork Old West Town near Ft. Worth, Texas is owned and managed by Ron and Linda Beaumont.

 "Each town of that time period had the church at one end and the saloon at the other,” says Linda Beaumont, who with her three-daughters manage the 800-acre ranch. A remarkable 20,000-square foot Lone Star Barn stands on this Old West Town ranch.      

"We built the western chapel to reflect those of the Old Chisholm Trail of the 1890’s," Linda says. Chisholm Fork Cowboy Chapel was built in 1999. Dusty boots and faded chaps, the cowboys of the late 19th century walked into houses of worship like 

Chisholm Fork Cowboy Chapel is set apart on the landscape, and speaks of former days when the west was wild but hearts were always welcome at the Lord’s Table. Now, after a decade of dedication the family-owned chapel is one of the first to honor the faith of the old west cowboy. 

Excerpted from "Country Faith

Lola Yassie
Photo by Denny Medley  
 Serving the 4-State Region of the Navajo Nation
San Miguel Mission: America's Oldest Church
San Miguel
Santa Fe, New Mexico 
c.2009Courtesy Beaumont Ranch

Country Faith: Rural America Stories of Faith from Forty of the Most Inspirational People of Our Time by Brenda Ervin

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Billy Graham Family Farmhouse & Billy Graham Library Image Courtesy of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association   
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― Thomas Jefferson
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