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founder and co-creator of County Music Television (CMT). Growing up in rural Pleasant Hope, Missouri, Stan served in the United States military, and dedicated several years of his life to serve a Boy's Ranch near his hometown.   


In 1962, Stan lifetime dream was realized when he made his first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry that he talks about in his new book, as well as history-making events taking place in his Nashville life daily in the 1960s. Stan heard some of the leading Country Music Legends before they made their claim to fame, including Tammy Wynette. Early on, Stan saw the power of the tube as it related to musician’s careers, and wanted to use television for positive messages. With hit records to his credit, and a large fan following, The Stan Hitchcock Show premiered in 1966 airing weekly in over 100 major markets until 1971.  


County Music Television (CMT) Co-Creator in 1984, Stan Hitchcock combined his talents laying the groundwork for television. "No one ever started a network like that in Country Music. There was the Nashville Network, which started about the same time, but it was a lifestyle network and we were strictly a music network," he says. 

Stan's new book talks about the numerous "unknown" artists he brought to a brand new audience through CMT, such mega-stars like Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and Randy Travis. Beginning in 1985, Stan started a new concept in programming while sitting on the steps of the Stage Coach Inn, Wynnewood, Tennessee. 

“While sitting on the steps of the inn with my friend Ronnie Reno, two flat tops and friendly conversation, I started this show called Heart to Heart by bringing my Artist friends out to join us. The first artist was Randy Owen from Alabama.” Heart to Heart episodes are loaded with some of the truly greats in country music, such as, Connie Smith, Little Jimmie Dickens, Tom T. Hall, and dozens of songwriters and musicians. 

Heart to Heart is available on DVD at: 


“BlueHighwaysTV is a journey across America with the good music, storytelling, arts, crafts, western lifestyle and outdoor programming,” says Stan, who created the network following his concept for good “Down To Earth, Back To Basics, Genuine and Uplifting Programming that speaks to folks of Integrity and Commitment. We encourage as well as entertain. We are unashamedly Patriotic and Spiritual. We believe that good music soothes the soul, and gives comfort in the hard times."  

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Cowboy Church RFD-TV began ten years ago in September 2007. Cowboy Church RFD-TV team, Producer Jim Odle, Co-hosts Susie McEntire and Russ Weaver continue their distinctive, popular broadcasts. 

Cowboy Church-RFD TV reaches around the world. "Countless blessings and testimonies have come because of Cowboy Church’s message,” says Jim Odle.previous owner and manager of Superior Livestock Auction and creator of The American Rancher on RFD-TV. 

Award-Winning Recording Artist Susie McEntire hails from Atoka County, Oklahoma. Cowboy and ranch culture has been an intregal part of her life, and decades-long ministry."I've been ministering at Cowboy Churches since 1984 when I found I could serve the Lord with my music." 

Co-Host, Russ Weaver, Pastor of Shepherd’s Valley Cowboy Church, Egan, Texas ministers with Susie McEntire on their thirty-minute program. Pastor Weaver says their goal is to bring the Gospel, and encouragement, to those in rural America and the cowboy culture.


Susie McEntire was reared on an Oklahoma ranch near Atoka, and is a third generation rancher. Her grandfather, John McEntire, was a world champion steer roping holder, and her father, Clark McEntire, won titles in the same event in 1957, 1958 and 1961. 

Susie worked cattle in pens, gathered and fed and other ranch chores, "In order to minister to cowboy folks, you must know what they are about," she says.*  

National Country Hall of Famer, Susie's albums include her Let Go release (2008), delivering the upbeat, memorable song, Sky Full of Angels.   

Susie connects with women of all ages, and sharing her heart at events and churches is what folks perhaps love best about her.  
​As she said in the excellent article for Faith and Fitness Magazine, "The heart of a woman wants to come around her man in encouraging and wise ways, offer tender strength to her children, walk with her friends in honest and substantial conversations and still survive in a tough world....I want to be wise in how I move into others’ lives and remain open and liberal with my feminine beauty." 

Mark Eaton, Susie's husband, is a noted speaker, adventurer and fitness professional, founder of Eaton Foundation, in addition is a gifted musician. He frequently accompanies Susie on stage. Together the husband and wife team keep time-honored family tradition's alive at numerous venues throughout the year. They live in southwest Oklahoma.  

​For more information about Susie and Mark be sure and check out:

*"Native Oklahoman Susie McEntire Eaton delivers heart-to-heart message in Guthrie" by Bryan Painter,

 Stan Hitchcock, cont'd

Legendary Country Music Artist & TV Founder Stan Hitchcock Pens Groundbreaking Book  
 Susie McEntire, cont'd

Award-Winning Gospel Artist Susie McEntire's New CD, "GIVE!" #1 Inspirational Chart Topper
Susie's New CD Featured on John Clark Blackwell's GIVE!

You'll listen again and again to these tremendous voices sharing a message of hope and love...  

 Stan Hitchcock
Stan Hitchcock, a man of many talents, is an Artist with heartwarming, beautiful landscapes...
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If you love America, you'll love this book written by Stan Hitchcock, Singer and Songwriter, and one of the most prolific creators of innovative media in Music City history.  
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