"God's Ambassador" Reverend Billy Graham's Rural North Carolina Farm Roots Celebrated in ARH's Book, "Country Faith"

Reverend Billy Graham's extraordinary legacy of preaching to more than 200 million around the world began in his native  North Carolina's farm country. Born in 1918, he grew up on his father's Graham Brothers Dairy Farm. Young Billy worked hard, and inside the farm's dairy barn he says, "I milked about 20 cows every morning..."
Photo: Courtesy Wxipedia
Legendary Country Music Artist & TV Founder Stan Hitchcock Pens Groundbreaking Book      

​BlueHighwaysTV Founder and CEO, Stan Hitchcock's autobiography, "MUSIC ROW and Memory Lane" is a treasure-trove of recollections, from his humble country roots of southwest Missouri to years pioneering Country Music. One of Nashville's most innovative artist's and influential leaders, the Kansas-city born ...
Photo by Brenda McClellan
Courtesy: Denise Hitchcock
Award-Winning Gospel Artist Susie McEntire's  CD, "GIVE!" #1 Inspirational Chart Topper

America's Inspirational  Gospel Artist, Susie McEntire's CD "GIVE!" with John Clark Blackwell,  ranked #1 on the Inspirational Country Charts. The Oklahoma-born beauty is one of our nation's most recognizable and beloved Cowboy Church musical performers. Co-Host of RFD-TV's Cowboy Church, ...more

Photo Courtesy of Mark Eaton

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San Miguel Mission: New Mexico's Extraordinary Legacy
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Courtesy Beaumont Ranch c. 2009
Donna Sue Grove: Originator & Creator of Barn Quilt Trails   
America's cherished Barns, made of wood and stone, are falling at an alarming rate...more

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Keeping America's Rural Heritage Alive​

"Who we are as a nation depends on what we know about our own stories" -David Frizzel 
Discover One of the West's Most Popular Landmark Restaurants!

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Navajo Lola Yassie: A Heart felt 60-Year Mission to Serve the Navajo Nation...more

c.2010 ARH Collections
Ft. Worth's Beaumont Family's Ranch Bringing Cowboy Heritage to Life ...more
​   America's Western Heritage
The Fabric of America
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Michigan Quilt Artist, Linda Radamacher   

...more about the Fabric of America
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  “We’ve got to reclaim our heritage!” 
Civil War Historian John Robertson
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Dinner Bell

New England Countryside 
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Billy Graham's Family Farm Heritage...

From the farm fields of North Carolina, the Family Farm Heritage of Dr. Billy Graham & his Graham's Dairy Farm's Legacy, featuring the barn-replica Billy Graham Library is celebrated in a groundbreaking book, "Country Faith" ...more

"Wonderfully inspiring..."~Cliff Barrows, BGEA Song Leader

"Country Faith is beautiful...its inspiring pages will be enjoyed by many for years to come." ~George Beverly Shea, Baritone Singer for the Billy Graham Crusades, 60-Plus Yrs. 
The Graham Family Farm, Charlotte, 
North Carolina, Courtesy Billy Graham Evangelistic Association 
American Rural Heritage...Honoring Our Great First People's Landmarks...Coming Soon!

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 Chief Crazy Horse Monument, South Dakota
 American Rural Heritage Notecard Series